Music Directors / Conductor & Pianist

Harmony Chorus Hamilton are a non-auditioned choir.

Who enjoy singing a wide range of music in 2 - 4 part harmony.
Currently we are using 2-part Soprano and Alto, but are looking forward to increasing it, to 4 part, Soprano, alto, Tenor, Bass.
All Bass Tenors and other voices will be welcome to join us.
Please send your express of interest to our email address.

 and we will contact you.

Our motto: 'We sing for the Love of Music'.

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Our WebSite address Is:

Harmony Chorus Hamilton: Committee 2021 - 2022

PRESIDENT: David Heberley  

VICE PRESIDENT/ Web Designer: Online Publicist : Yvonne Verry

TREASURER : Yvonne Verry 

SECRETARY: Kathleen Early 

Musical Directors: Mei Shih and Sharon Grant

Associate Music Director and advisor : Mary Herberley 

Music Librarians: Leanne Crosby / Kathleen Early 

Co Ordinator for music distribution & Checking: Yvonne (Vice President)

Wardrobe Mistress: Joy Homewood and Committee

Choir Roll: Sandra and Maria  and Committee

Social Media and Publicity: Tui Wilson and committee

Committee Members:   Sandra Eaton, 

Maria Eaton, Tui Rose Wilson


We would Welcome any one who sings
Tenor, Bass, Soprano [1st or seconds] and Altos.

If you are interested, love singing and love to entertain others, if you have an email then use the contact email forms with links on this site to register your interest and to get info.
Email: harmonychorushamilton.gmail.com